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WKU 82, Tulane 67 – Final

December 6, 2008

It’s a wrap from Fogelman Arena. The Tops were on fire from the field, hitting 12-of-17 3-pointers and 56.9 percent overall from the field.

Now WKU, on a four-game winning streak, gets a full week before visiting Evansville next Saturday.

Check out Sunday’s Daily News for complete coverage from Tulane.


WKU 73, Tulane 57 – 3:59 left in second half

December 6, 2008

Far be it for me to jinx anyone, but this game looks over. The Hilltoppers have continued to maintain a lead with blistering shooting. WKU is 12-of-17 from 3-point range and hitting just under 60 percent overall. A big change from previous games.

WKU 64, Tulane 52 – 7:48 left in second half

December 6, 2008

Same story from Fogelman Arena. WKU continues to main around a 10-point lead, withstanding any Tulane comeback attempt thus far. But there’s still almost eight minutes remaining and Tulane is still jacking up 3’s, so a comeback is possible.

WKU 59, Tulane 49 – 11:28 left in second half

December 6, 2008

The lead dropped to nine twice, but WKU still hitting enough shots – so far. Tulane is 9-of-14 this half though so WKU needs to step it up defensively.

WKU 53, Tulane 42 – 15:04 left in second half

December 6, 2008

Not much defense played to start the second half. Tulane took only five minutes to score 14 points – half of what it scored the entire first half.

WKU coach Ken McDonald didn’t look thrilled with his team’s intensity to start the half, but 3-pointers from Steffphon Pettigrew and A.J. Slaughter helped the Hilltoppers maintain the double-digit lead.

WKU 41, Tulane 28 – halftime

December 6, 2008

The Tops maintain a seemingly comfortable double-digit halftime lead. WKU shot better than 61 percent from the field in the first half with Orlando Mendez-Valdez leading the way with 10 points. Steffphon Pettigrew and Sergio Kerusch each have nine.

Tulane likely will try and get back into the game with 3-pointers. It hasn’t worked so far. Tulane is 4-of-17 from 3-point range.

WKU 32, Tulane 20 – 3:56 left in first half

December 6, 2008

WKU’s defense has started to lock down on the Green Wave. A 9-1 WKU run has given the Hilltoppers the double-digit lead and Jeremy Evans is going to the line for two shots after the media timeout. Hopefully he’s not distracted by the laptop.

Tulane is shooting under 30 percent from the field and is going on five minutes without a field goal.

WKU 28, Tulane 19 – 7:39 left in first half

December 6, 2008

Yikes, a Hilltopper team that’s been shooting only 40 percent from the field on the season is shooting 75 percent agains Tulane thus far. Especially nice for WKU is the start by Orlando Mendez-Valdez. He had been shooting only 32 percent from the field and 27 percent from 3-point range. But he’s come out and hit both of his 3-point attempts thus far.

One downer for WKU? Sergio Kerusch has two fouls and is likely done for the half.

WKU 21, Tulane 12 – 11:23 left in first half

December 6, 2008

Tulane must really be a strong academic school, evident by the students here today. Sitting in the bleachers behind the hoop WKU is shooting at, a female has brought her laptop computer open and allegedly doing some kind of work. Somehow I don’t think she’s doing it to distract the Hilltoppers at the free-throw line.

WKU 12, Tulane 8 – 15:14 left in first half

December 6, 2008

Sergio Kerusch has proven to be one streaky shooter this year and right now he’s hitting. Kerusch has scored WKU’s last nine points. He’s 4-for-4 from the field with a 3-pointer. Meanwhile Tulane is jacking up 3-pointers – averaging one a minute so far.