Welcome back


Well, we’re back. After months of allowing the Daily News’ sports blog to lanquish unattended, the staff is resurrecting this site – hopefully with increased energy and commitment.

A couple primary reasons for the rebirth:

1) We will be blogging all day Friday about the goings-on at the new Bowling Green Ballpark, where the Bowling Green Hot Rods will open their inaugural home schedule at 7:05 p.m. The Daily News building is within throwing distance of the park, and therefore smack in the middle of all the action, especially as the expected sellout crowd tries to figure out where to park the thousands of cars that will be flooding the downtown area. We’ll try to keep you updated on the preparations at the park and about the parking outlook, particularly in the late afternoon as fans start to arrive. Once the game begins, reporters Micheal Compton and Nick Baumgardner will Twitter about the scene from the press box, all the way through the final out. (For future reference, both Micheal and Nick will use their Twitter accounts to offer updates on other local sports topics, so start following them now).

2) Followers of Western Kentucky men’s basketball know the past few days have been wild, with news about incoming recruits occurring daily – or even hourly, in the case of New Jersey-based forward David Laury (who eventually signed with WKU on Wednesday after saying he would choose Morehead State instead). Instead of posting constant “Breaking News” updates on the Daily News’ Web page, we’ll start to provide recruiting updates here.


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