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Home cooking

Though he says going home to coach a game at Indiana is the furthest thing from his mind, WKU coach David Elson did say Thursday that he’s dealing with the tricky task of filling out his friends-and-family guest list for Saturday – a list he said seems to grow by the day.

“It’s long, and I dealt with it early in the week, as I recommend our players do,” Elson said. “I sent an e-mail out to everyone early in the week and said, ‘Here’s the deal, here’s when I’m available,’ and so on and so forth.

“And of course I’ve gotten a few e-mails back from people still needing more, but everyone’s been great about it – and it’s going to be fun.”

Elson said he has yet to stop and think about the fact that he’ll be coaching a Division IA football game on the field of his home state’s flagship university in a matter of days, but did admit it will be a special moment.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Elson said. “I’ve actually never been to a football game at Indiana – I’ve been to camp – but this will actually be my first game-day experience there in that stadium.”

Elson said time has already been set aside for a photo of himself, Indiana coach Bill Lynch (a close friend) and his brother, who still coaches football in the same Catholic Youth Organization league that both Elson and Lynch played in as youngsters in Indianapolis. 

Although Elson will have several family members – not to mention personal friends and those still belonging to Elson’s childhood parish of Christ the King – in attendance Saturday, he still expects most of the rooting to go for the home team.

“I’d say that the state school’s probably going to get most of the cheers,” he said. “Unless their last name’s Elson, most of the Christ the King people will probably be pulling for the Hoosiers and Lynch.”

Kicking giant

Elson said Thursday that he and his staff were highly impressed with Indiana’s senior All-America kicker Austin Starr.

Starr, a mountain of a kicker at 6-foot-3 and more than 200 pounds, is a leading candidate for this season’s Lou Groza Award and is expected by many to be picked next year in the NFL Draft.

“He’s the real deal,” Elson said. “We went through kind of a checklist this morning and I asked where we needed to be when we’re comfortable kicking a field goal and where they need to be to kick one, and (linebackers coach) Cary Marquell, who does our field goal block team, said one word: Long.

“So we have to know that when they cross the 50 they’re obviously going to be looking for some points. He’s as good as advertised.”


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